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Friday, March 18, 2011

To My Eight Loyal Followers (And Anyone Else Who Happens Upon My Blog),

I feel I owe an explanation to my recent failure to blog. But that would be super boring and I don't want to start there. I would much rather like to say..."Opps, My Bad." (But do people still really say "my bad" anymore though? Well I just did. How'd you like that? Boo-Ya! Ha!)

Anyways a break was taken and now I'm back! Guess Who's Back, Back Again! I know your hearing that Eminem Song...I sure am. Oh I'm the only one. Well at least I'm jamming alone! Smile*

I do feel the need to do a quick "Jenn in a Nut Shell" recap of the past....oh geez...has it really been a month. Once again. My Bad. I won't fail you this big again...Scouts Honor. Or Something like that I guess. 
So Here it is...

In A Nutshell:

• I've done some DIY Projects - Including Inspirational Ideas (Some examples to come...)

• Road Trip Weekend to Austin (Oh man am I in Love! Video to come...)

• Saw the Cirque Du Soleil Show OVO. (Incredible) 

• Harry Potter Book 7 Complete! (I'm so happy! I know everything now! I can't wait for the movie! It's   
  going to be epic! I know, I know...say it...I do...NERD!)

• Work Trip to STL (More fun at the City Museum. Had an amazing photo shoot for Dr Pepper!)

• I went to my very first Hockey Game Ever! (And I'm going to my second tomorrow night...with a boy! 
  I'm sure I'll have plenty to post on that soon enough...)

• I'm starting to sew again (I've got a skirt in mind that I have been dying make...I'll definitely post about 
  that one...for sure...that will be quite the little experience I'm sure of it....ha!)

• New Music I've Fallen For: The Civil Wars, Adele 21 and Mindy Glenhill. All I can say is: LOVE.

So that's some of the big stuff that's been making me too busy to blog (LAME)...but really no excuses here...I've got so much to tell you guys! I just can't wait!
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