Rain, Rainbows and Promises Promises

Monday, May 03, 2010

I'm so joyful! Rain has come back into my life my life today. I'm a strange one. I long for rain the way most long for sunlight. Mind you, I adore the beautiful sunny days which is how the day began, but there is something about rain that will never compare for me. I love the sound and smell of it. I love the accessories you get to use with it. Rain boots, umbrellas, Rain Coats. Oh and don't get me started on puddles. Whoever said puddle jumping is just for kids is crazy. It's so fun. Directly after it's rained the colors outside are so saturated and beautiful. The world is redefined. It's a new canvas. It's refreshed. And today God reminded me of his affection for us with the most stunning rainbow I've seen, in well, probably my whole life. The colors were so vibrant and bright and it made what I like to call a "whole bow." In fact there was a second bow close by. It was incredible. An entire half circle and a half of pure drop dead gorgeous rainbow. Who could ask for more.

As I was staring at this unbelievable rainbow I was reminded of God's promise. He promised that every time we saw a rainbow it would be a sign of his Love for us, and his promise to never destroy the earth again with a flood. I just thought about it for a bit. And God's promise, although made long ago, still holds true today and with every rainbow, he reminds us of his promise to us. Even though it's 2010, he still remembers and holds true to it. Through his promise I am encouraged. I want to maintain my promise to myself. I want to lose this weight and keep it off. Because I have promised myself that I am worth that. I want to always remember that God's promise to us never changes and neither should mine.

So as of today, I am a good four months into my new promise to myself. Over this past week I've been noticing new things about myself. For example, I got my photo taken for an id badge this week. I was warned but it still did not the uncomfortable distance the security officer was to my face holding the camera any more bearable. When I picked up the badge I was shocked. Most people in my office were complaining about how close he got to their faces, but I was over joyed! I took several double takes of my cute face. My double chin is almost gone! I haven't really noticed it until I saw the photo. I started to compare to older photos of myself from before I started and I was shocked. I couldn't believe this subtle transformation happened right in front of my eyes and I missed it! I missed it. I can't believe I missed it. But when I noticed I told everyone. I was so proud of me. I've also noticed my muscles starting to show in my arms, legs and back. And collar bone is starting to show again! But none of these even compared to the progress of my belly fat, at least not in my eyes at least. I did my measurements this week and I have lost a total of FOUR INCHES around my waist since December! That is almost an inch a month! I can't believe it! I really am super excited about who I am becoming and I plan on reaching my goals and then making new ones to maintain and stay there! This is my promise to me. Thank you rain for my wonderful reminder of what I am doing! I missed you too! Smile*

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