Oh Happy Day!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Singles Awareness Day Everyone! With no one to send gifts to or receive them from this year...this topic has been fresh on my mind today. Each one of the married or dating girls in my office received their outpouring of gifts. Flowers filled the room with their sweet perfume. Cards sweetly opened on their desks with xoxoxo written on them. Chocolates in heart shaped boxes that made you want to dive right in...and...I couldn't help...I mean it was really hard not too...but...I gave in and...I let it consume me...it started as just a twinge of jealously...it crept up on me, but as the day went on...it was a monster that grew stronger and stronger.

I know...I know....I shouldn't be jealous. I should be happy for these girls. Today they received proof that someone was thinking about them. They waited their whole lives for this kind of man. The man that likes to show the world how much he cares for her...Just like I currently am...

I'm waiting...sitting around...twiddling my thumbs...hurry up please! (I'm just super impatient) I keep thinking, "Really? What's the hold up? I want flowers too! I want that visible proof someone loves me!"
My thoughts and emotions kept feeding the monster...but it was struck down. 

He did not show his face today. Nor do I know if he will any time soon. So I will have to make due with those around me who do love me. 

I have come to realize that singleness, for me at least, is just going to be a season in my life. I know that God has created me to be a wife and mother...someday that is. I'm not in any hurry...it's just that days like today...remind me of the love I long to have here on earth. But days like today...they also bring me right back into the arms of my creator. He blessed me with the ultimate gift so many years ago. He died so that I might live. He rose again. And He is coming back someday. 

So I will choose not to be swallowed by loneliness that singleness sometimes carries with it...but I will choose to be Happy and Full-Filled in Christ. And I am Happy. 

Plus...what is that I see on the counter? A card!?!?!!! FOR ME!!!!


Thanks Mom and Dad for reminding me of your love.
P.S. My roommate brought some flowers home...so that was just icing on the cake! 


Agentsuperstar said...

Hang in there, you don't want to meet just someone, you want to meet the right someone. ;)


B :) said...

I feel ya! But I also love Valentine's Day (as I wrote about in my blog). I want to be a girlfriend, mom, and mother... all in it's own time and season, so there are those twinges of jealousy. But I've worked over the years to focus on how much FUN I can having loving me and my friends on V-Day :)

Brittney said...

i know those feelings well...hang in there. there's joy to be found in every phase. :) speaking of joy...your polka-dotted dress brought be oodles of joy. it's fabulous and happy and all things good! love it.
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