I've got rhythm

Friday, April 16, 2010

So I'm finally reaching my rhythm again. Working out is becoming a part of my everyday life. It's being incorporated mostly in the evenings. I am just so ready to dispose of this fat that is inhabiting my big gullet that I am kicking my cardio up a couple notches. I am now up to 50 minutes of ellipticising (if that is even a word). I am just chugging along, rocking out to the Toby Mac Pandora station on my iPhone. Not only has that station been a real motivator via the beat, but the music is really allowing God and I to have some much needed one on one time. I'm finding face time with the father while I peddle my legs around a machine that really is taking me nowhere very slowly. I'm focusing more on lyrics and enhancing my dialogue with my abba father. Working out is becoming more to me than just a part of my day. It's more than just physically getting me fit. It's getting me spiritually fit as well. I really never knew that God could take something so trivial in our lives like a simple trudge on a treadmill or elliptical and make it an important meeting ground. The elliptical is becoming a sacred place for God and I to meet. I just hope I keep up with the beat. smile*

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