Sunday, April 11, 2010

Working the weekend is usually not that fun, but for some reason today was an exception. The office was mine alone. Not a soul was around. So decided to check the acoustics of the giant room we work in and let me tell you, not too shabby. I burst out into the songs of Glee, of course practicing for my up coming video audition. As much fun as I was having I was still feeling a bit guilty about my previous two days. You see. With the way work has been...I've well, missed two cardio workouts. There I said it. TWO WORKOUTS. I've wanted to workout but at the same time things kept coming up. Those two days were wasted. I mean I ate right and all that, but really I lost two quality days that would have been a great help to achieving my goals. So today I knew I was going to need to makeup for that mishap. So I planned a workout with my best friend. I drove out to Mansfield, TX and she and I walked 4.5 miles. It was brilliant. To workout, outside. Oh the outdoors are just so lovely this time of year! Working out was a blast. We walked forever and she pushed me with the walking speed only skinny people can maintain for such a distance. But it was a blast and we talked about, well, almost everything. It was just so fun. I love that God creates people to blend in with us. People who are meant to be close to us. In the words of Fanny Brice (aka Barbara Streisand) "People who need People are the luckiest People in the world!" I'm so lucky.

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Lindsey said...

Indeed Jen, I couldn't agree with you more :) I'm glad you had a good day!

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