The Closet Monster

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Today, the rest of my closet cries, while I shut it way for the next thirty days. But no need to worry, the sobbing sounds coming from behind the door have seemed to subside as the day goes on. It probably helps that every few hours I'll stick my head in there to comfort it. Smile* 

Really it's not my closet's fault that I've gotten myself into this position in the first place. I mean I made it what it is...a monster. Bulging with clothes, that constantly overwhelm me. Leaving me with that feeling that I need more as I can't seem to find anything to wear. While the close are wishing I would wear them, grabbing at me while I walk confused through it every night searching for the next day's attire. (I'm only joking -- Smile*) And growing up I was always worried that there was a monster in my closet, but I never imagined that I was the creator and that REALLY my closet WAS "the monster". Oh well. But today is my first attempt at this. Not too shabby if I'd say myself. (so I will. Smile*) 

Pashmina : Walmart
Sweater: Target
White Long Sleeved Shirt: Target
Olive Trousers: LOFT
Rain Boots: T. Hilfiger via DSW


Elle said...

I love the new blog! It's so fancy! You are brilliant with design, do you know that?
I'll be following your exciting journey, and YOU KNOW I WILL KNOW if you are cheating!

Hannah said...

I love that Amira is posing as well. Awesome. What a cute doggie.

Retro Macaroni said...

Why thank you. I'm having fun with this...and so far...I've not been tempted once with shopping...but really I'm still only three days in...this could be tricky...But I'm crossing my fingers....

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