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Saturday, January 01, 2011

So as of late, I've been addicted and boy do I mean addicted, to fashion blogs. I blame Modcloth really. I've been looking at their clothing forever and a day now and I recently I started skimming through many blog entries there, as I really shouldn't be spending any money on myself with the Holiday season upon us. The day I began looking, their first blog entry caught my eye. It was a "Blogger of the Moment" entry. The focus was on a blog by the title of Kendi Everyday. Not really being much of a huge blogger or blog reader at the time, I fumbled through the entry and found the link to her site.

Kendi, who is fairly new to the blogging world herself, has devoted her blog to fashion. But it was something else that caught my eye beyond her killer style and beautiful photographs, taken by her husband.  It was her challenge. "The 30 for 30 Challenge" to be exact. In this challenge, you are to choose 30 items from your closet, including shoes, but not accessories (i.e. scarves, legging, tights, jewelry). Then taking those items you are to spend the next 30 days remixing those clothes into 30 vary distinct outfits. And if you liked, blog about it. The challenge sounded so simple. But there was a catch. NO SHOPPING, during the challenge. Ouch. It stung a bit to read that.

But really, I've learned the idea is not meant to punish you, but to train you to create a working closet. A closet that you no longer have to walk into looking puzzled, feeling like you have nothing to wear. Kendi wasn't reinventing the wheel or anything, but for a shopaholic like myself it was definitely an idea that hadn't crossed my mind. No Shopping for a month. Actually figuring out how to re-wear the items in my closet to make a new look. Instead of buying more clothing to create a new look. I was fascinated by the idea of it. Scared. But fascinated. 

So I purchased her quick guide and started scouring my closet for my thirty items. It took some time and a ton of trial and error, but I knew that with the new year approaching, I could really start it off fresh. 

My biggest resolution this year is to Learn My Closet/Style. So today is Day One of my 30 for 30 Challenge. Thanks Kendi! 

So here are the items I will be Remixing over the next 30 days: 

7 Pairs of Shoes: 
 3 Cardigans: 
 2 Button Up Sleeveless Shirts:
 2 Sweaters and 1 Blazer:
 2 Short Sleeve Shirts:
 5 Long Sleeve Shirts:
 2 Skirts:
 2 Dresses:
 4 Pairs of Pants:

Well there you have it. My 30 items. I'm excited to get started, but first I'm off to workout and then I will be posting my first outfit. What a great year already! I can't wait to share my creativity with you. And Remember, I Heart Your Cute Face!


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