Veggies or Ice Cream

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's hard to want vegetables more than ice cream. Ice cream and candy seem to find their way to me. And once in my's really hard to pass them up. I mean...I want to want veggies more. I really do. I want to eat healthier. But ice cream, really sweets, are my weakness. I really think...that if I'm not careful they could be my down fall. 

But lately...I've been doing everything in my power to avoid things I should really try to stay away from and make my meals more balanced. But really, for the most part, it's about doing what is right. Even if what is right isn't the most popular or most fun. And I may not love veggies they way I love cake. But I could definitely cut back on the sweets and amp up the veggie intake. And I really do think I could learn to love them. Well, I know for sure that I am going to and can choose to like them. Simply because balance is something I lack and it's high time that I learn to manage this.  

Sweater: Gap
Necklace: Homemade
Bangle: Jamacia
Pants: LOFT
Boots: Target

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