I Hate Packing...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

It doesn't matter how many times I go on trips or how much I like to travel...I loath packing. I really disgust the idea of having to be absolutely prepared for everything you will need for the next few days. (I mean I love when it's all said and done and I feel prepared but the preparation always gets the best of me...) I tend to see myself as more of a fly by the seat of your pants kind of girl. I live for the moment...the day to day life...I have everything I need right here and I'm fine...but right now the moment is looking like I have to pack. Yuck. 

I know that I'm only going to be traveling for a day and all...and of course the clothing is limited down to thirty items, so one might think this should be so easy. But with all the airline regulations and knowing that I need to pack for carry on purpose makes it that much harder. Only 3oz bottles of liquid in a 1 quart bag...I mean I am a girl...I know how much product my ever growing curly mane needs to become tame...and I have a feeling the amount I'm allowed is barely going to cut it (maybe it's time for a cut...sigh*)...Plus how will I ever pack my 3 step Clinique face wash with such a small bag? Oh the dilemma...

Oh well. The fact is, no matter how much I hate packing...I still have to do it, if I want to go on the trip. Otherwise I won't be prepared and honestly I hear that in Minnesota you need to be prepared! (in other words...it's cold! Yay!) So as much as I enjoyed this much needed break while writing this, from the tiny bit of packing I need to do, I have to get back to the task I hate...Gross. Oh well...I'm excited for the trip though and that's what is pushing me onward! One Breath, One Step: A PriorFat Girl Get-Together Here I COME!

Blouse: Target
Cardigan: New York and Co. 
Necklace: Old Navy
Olive Trousers: LOFT
Heels: Target

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