Minnesota Part 2 - Half Way There!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Me and Jen Emmert

Me, Jen Emmert (The Original PriorFatGirl) and my friend Hannah

My head is reeling from all the valuable information I have acquired today. The "One Breath, One Step" meeting for the Blog PriorfatGirl was incredible. The event was what brought me and my friends to Minnesota in the first place. Tucked into the coolest coffee house, The Beat, in Minneapolis, we listened to three speakers, (Paul Kriegler - dietitian, Stacy Clone of Kitchen Werks and Jen Emmert the Original PriorFatGirl), talk about making changes to your diet w/o going on a diet. I'm inspired to do something drastically different to change something drastically in the next month, by changing something simple. But doing it well.

We learned about healthy balance of your diet and how to enjoy food without being restrictive and then feel good at what you are doing. Below are a few tips that I learned from the meeting:

1. Use the 80/20* Rule -- (*Meaning 80% of the time try your hardest to balance your meals (balance being Protein, Fat {i.e.nuts, avacado, seeds, egg yolks} and Carbs) and 20% of the time you don't have to be...whether this is intentional or unintentional. This is more sustainable for long term success.

2. Hydrate. We need to flush out the unnecessary toxins that are store in our bodies. So the solution to pollution is delusion. You should drink at least 1/2 your body weight in oz a day to help detox.

3. Veggies are KING. We should consider veggies a rich source of nutrients. So they are basically what we could call a "free food."

4. Journaling is a great way to successfully track your progress. Listen to your hunger. Explain what foods trigger me to go off my plan. Does lack of sleep and certain social situations affect how I eat. People are (2) twice as likely to succeed if you write it down. So remember: YOU BITE IT, YOU WRITE IT.

5. Take away the power of restrictions. Eat what you want when you want it, but in proportions. Make decisions not restrictions by making your choice.

Anyways...that's just a snippet of what I learned. I can't wait to post an amazing recipe on here next week that we got at the meeting. I've never really enjoyed certain veggies until I tried this...oh you just wait...it's soooo good!

Oh my goodness....today I'm officially halfway through my challenge. Wow. That was quick. Really quick. Wow. I wonder if the second half will fly by the same way this one has. (Here's a little secret for you...I miss my closet....I really do....sigh*)

Hat: Forever 21
Necklace: Forever 21
Sweater: Target
Dress: Loft
Tights: Avenue
Tall Socks: Target
Boots: T. Hilfiger via DSW

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