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Sunday, January 23, 2011

In the Top of the Arch
Meet me at the fair! Don't pretend the lights are shinning any place but there. We will dance the hoochie-coochie. You will be my toostie woostie. And you if you meet me in St. Louis, Louis. Meet me at the fair. Ah, St. Louis. You made me happy this weekend. It was another fine and wonderful weekend of Snow, Friends and Traveling. Three of my favorite things. It was super lovely. And on this trip...I tried several new things with some amazing people.

One. I finally went up in the arch. On previous trips to STL, I had looked at it, even walked up and touched it...but never had the chance to go up in it. But alas, I finally went up in it. It was one of the coolest places I've been in a while. It was such a beautiful view with all the snow and the icy mississippi river. Oh. It was spectacular. Snow, at least for me, always makes things better. And this was better than I had expected. So yay!

Two. City Museum is probably the coolest place I've never heard of and wish I had. We decided to "miss" our flight back to Dallas on the same day and stay in the city for the evening. City Museum was calling out our names. After learning the public transit system...we finally came across this place. It is what I would consider to be the largest indoor/outdoor adult playground. It's a sensory overload of color, shapes, textures and adventure. There is a 10 story slide, human hamster wheel, hidden caves and tunnels you can go through...and that's just the beginning. Right when you think you've seen it come across something like and room filled (and I mean I've never seen this many before in my life) with sponges. You heard me. Filled with Sponges. It was so cool. It was a treasure. I will do my very best to go back to this place in the future...But till then I will recommend it to every one who travels there. It is amazing!

STL, thanks for the good time. But as I have now but up for 41.5 hours straight...I'm gonna head to bed. Night!

Blouse: Target
Scarf: Target
Earrings: Forever 21
White Shirt: Target
Jeans: Gap
Tall Striped Socks: H&M
Boots: Target

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Elle said...

Yaaaay for such a super fun day! Are you going to put the St Louis pics on Facebook? If not, can I get them from you sometime? kthxbye :)
Just kidding. I'm lovin' the outfits! Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

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